Some of the problems that Psychotherapy can help with

Although we will, of course, work on the concerns that matter most to you, this page shows just some of the wide range of personal issues that psychotherapy can and does help with.

Anxiety and an inability to concentrate or cope
Depression, sadness or pointlessness
Painful feelings of guilt or shame
Extreme mood swings or frequent irritability, anger or rage
Low self esteem or lack of confidence
Difficulty in making or sustaining good relationships, or repeatedly becoming involved in unsatisfying, destructive or violent relationships
Sexuality and gender identity issues
Social shyness and isolation
Eating disorders or psychosomatic illnesses
Fear of dying or ageing
Grief and bereavement
Other major losses such as separation, divorce, redundancy or retirement
Sleep problems, including insomnia and nightmares
Parenting struggles or childlessness
Panic attacks
Addictive or obsessional behaviour which could be related to
alcohol, drugs, sex, internet use or gambling, etc.

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